Struggling for Blog Readers? Try These Free Copy Writing Resources

Struggling for Blog Readers? Try These Free Copy Writing Resources

Carefully crafting interesting and informative content is a commendable effort. However, if your blogs fail to garner regular readership, it becomes a futile investment of time and resources. I understand the disappointment of seeing hard work go unrewarded, with results remaining elusive.

Becoming a market leader doesn't happen overnight. It requires relentless practice, the application of diverse strategies, and consistent effort.

Merely creating content, publishing it, and expecting immediate results is a fallacy. Your potential audience isn't omniscient; they won't automatically know about your content's value and informativeness.

Your content serves as the top of the funnel in your marketing strategy, marking the initial step toward eventual sales. To make people aware of your existence, content, and work, several crucial elements must be considered. Firstly, the quality and excellence of your content are paramount. Secondly, it must be original and distinctive. Lastly, you should ensure it's free of grammatical and spelling errors. The language should be easily readable and comprehensible. Overloading your content with complex vocabulary often frustrates readers, prompting them to leave and visit competitors' websites.

Additionally, it's challenging to remember and consistently apply all these points. However, there's no need to worry. We've identified some tools that can help you overcome these challenges and attract more readers to your blog.

Let's begin with a few recommended tools:


Perfect grammar is elusive for everyone, including writers. While the occasional mistake is acceptable, numerous errors can deter readers and affect your search engine rankings. Grammarly is a valuable tool that checks your writing for grammatical mistakes, spelling issues, punctuation errors, subject-verb agreement, and more. It's available for free, but the premium or professional plan offers even more advantages.


Buzzsumo is a powerful tool for marketers, and it works best when you have an active social media presence. It allows you to analyze your competitors' top-performing pages and assess the performance of your own blog posts. Success is often measured by social media shares, so an active presence on relevant channels is essential. By entering a domain, topic, or competitor into the tool, you can access a list of well-performing and underperforming pages and posts, along with share statistics.


Repeatedly using the same words in your content can make it seem monotonous and unprofessional. Thesaurus offers a variety of synonyms for words, enhancing your vocabulary and enabling you to use language more effectively.

Readability Test Tool:

It's important to write with your readers in mind, avoiding overly complex language that may alienate your audience. The Readability Test Tool helps you assess the readability of your content and provides various readability indexes, ensuring your writing remains accessible.

Focus Booster:

Maintaining focus during writing can be challenging, especially for those easily distracted. If you find yourself taking more breaks than necessary or struggling to begin, the Focus Booster app can be a helpful solution. Set a timer for focused writing sessions to enhance your productivity.

Smart Blogger Headline Hacks:

The effectiveness of your content often hinges on its headlines. To create compelling and attention-grabbing headlines, Smart Blogger Headline Hacks is a useful tool to consider.

By utilizing these tools and paying attention to the quality, originality, and readability of your content, you can enhance your blogging efforts and attract a larger and more engaged readership.

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